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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Paycheck Problems, Part 2

If you recall from this post, my company had a little problem getting my paycheck right last week. Well, my boss told me yesterday that the problem was going to be corrected sometime in the next two pay periods. The details of course, are unknown, but he assures me we will know what payroll is doing soon.

So, of course I'm annoyed quite a bit. They screwed up, and I offered them the chance to fix it. They wait until after it's a pain for everyone involved to fix it too. Also, there's the slight problem that I spent the extra money. Yah, I know that was pretty stupid of me, but I needed it at the time. I spent some of it to help the GF out with her sister's wedding and used some of it to help out my mother.

My best estimate for how bad I'll be docked is about $700 gross and $450 net. Coupled with my paychecks being less than I had hoped for, it looks like I'm gonna have a $900 savings deficit by the end of the year. I'm hoping to be able to make that back through some side projects, but it'll be challenging.


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