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Saturday, April 22, 2006

CC Updates

So, I'm not sure if I mentioned it in a previous post or not, but I decided to use one of those $20 checks that Chase sent me to join their credit protector program. I deposited it around the 10th of this month. My welcome kit showed up on Thursday, and Friday morning I called and cancelled. The CS rep informed me that any fees I'd incurred would be refunded since I was still within the trial period. So, a free $20 this month from that. Although enduring the "but are you absolutely sure that you wish to put your life in danger by not having coverage for those accounts you carry no balance on?!" speech was a test of my patience.

Also, I got an email from Citibank telling me that they had cut my BT check and I should be seeing it soon. I'll be keeping an eye out for it. My balance doesn't reflect the amount yet, which is good since I don't have the money. I'm assuming my balance won't go up until I cash the check. Although I read on FWF that banks sometimes hold those checks for 2+ weeks! Unfortunately I didn't think to ask if Citibank would just do a bank transfer to my account and save me the hassle. I'll have to keep that in mind if this experiment goes well.


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