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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Who am I?

Just to get a quick idea of who I am and to keep things in perspective, here is a quick summary.

I’m a 27 year old .Net programmer in Atlanta, Georgia. I live below my means, but still have a fairly new car and a lot of student loan debt. I own a house with a college buddy and hope to rent it out sometime next year. I currently live in the house and manage the bills while he lives somewhere else.

I am seeing a woman who lives in Canada and although we are not “serious”, it is certainly a subject we have considered. Whenever I make financial decisions I try to keep in mind that I very well might end up living in Canada with her in a few years, leaving behind my “high paying American job”.

I don’t tend to go out very often, which helps with my bottom line, although I also spend a bit here and there on frivolous purchases. I also spend way too much on food, as I am both lazy and overweight. Surprisingly enough, the food actually hurts my bottom line more than the frivolous purchases.

I do not have a specific goal of retiring by a specific age, though I would like to retire early. In order to achieve those goals I am trying to work harder as a young adult, saving as best I can so that compound interest will be my ally moving forward.


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