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Saturday, April 29, 2006


A quick update on my BT from citi. I followed some excellent advice that I read elsewhere and just deposited it right into the ATM. Instead of taking several weeks to clear, it cleared in only two days! I immediately transferred it to Emigrant Direct. It cleared there in another three, and actually was in both accounts at the same time ;) First time I've had that happen.

As for the house, Chris is supposed to be looking for a realtor for us. I think I've got him convinced that trying to skimp on our sale and FSBO it isn't going to save us any money. If our home were in better condition, and we lived closer to it, then sure. But it does need work, we both live 20miles away (which is pretty far in Atlanta distance), and we're eating $1k every month it sits there unsold. That doens't even factor in the potential for unoccupied homes to be the target of burglars or vandals.

My side projects are going well lately. I've wracked up about 30 hours here and there, so sometime in the next month or so I'm hoping to get a check. Also, I've got some more work starting up here soon that could net me some more cash with luck.

Speaking of side projects, the GF has expressed interest in doing some of my work that I'm not able to complete due to time constraints. Since she is Canadian, I'm not sure how this will work. In theory, I'll get paid by the client on a 1099. Then I'd claim the wages paid to my GF as an expense. However, are there any forms I need to file to pay her? Are there any hassles related to the currency conversions?

Oh, I'm also thinking of converting my old 401k from my last company into a traditional IRA. Since I'll be starting up my 401k with my new company in August or so, I just felt it might be easier to manage them separately. It also gives me the benefit of being able to spread my asset allocation for my mutual funds across more money next month. I am not sure of any potential downsides yet, though.


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