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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Paycheck problems

Okay, yesterday was my first payday with my company. I was expecting three weeks of salary to appear on my check. So I log into my bank account hoping for a nice direct deposit, and there is nothing there. I don't panic; I was warned the first check would probably be mailed.

So, when I get to work, I log into this online payroll site that lets me see my checks. Immediately the amount of the check looks funny to me. When I click on the link to get more details I see that they have paid me for 136 hours, rather than 120. Cause for celebration, right? No way. The Man always gets his money. I don't want a 16 hour bonus this week followed by a 16 hour dock the following week.

I called payroll and it turns out they have my payday start as 4/13. Funny, as my start date as an employee was 4/17. I verified all my paperwork and payroll clearly made a mistake. When I ask them how to fix it they tell me they'll push back the 2 days my contracting company billed them. Um, why would you do that? It's YOUR mistake. And if you push that on my contracting company, they're gonna hit me up for the money! Did you forget they paid me more per hour than you do? Argh!

Anyway, I talked to the HR type person that helped me come on board after that. She told me that mistakes like this have happened before, and they company should and will eat the mistake. Apparently, we've had mistakes as big as paying someone several paychecks after they've been fired! So surely my piddly "bonus" is no big deal?

Well, I gave them till close of business to resolve my issue. I offered to return the check if they could issue me a new one. But, as nothing was accomplished by that time, I cashed my check. I didn't have much of a choice since I had already paid most of my bills for the next few weeks out of my flex money. I'm hoping next pay period I don't end up having to come up with that extra money, because I already spent it ;)

Normally I wouldn't spend the extra, but this week has been a little challenging. My GF's sister is getting married, so I've tried to help ease the burden on my GF's finances as she is the MoH. Nothing major, really, but it wasn't in the budget, so it had to come from somewhere. I'm gonna try to make it up with contracting later in the month.


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