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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Opening my Vanguard Mutual Fund Account

Finally, this week I had everything in order to start my mutual fund account with Vanguard. I had been waiting for weeks thinking the market would finally dip, but it was going all-out in bullish fashion until the Feds announced the rate increase on Thursday.

So, Thursday night, seeing a nice dip in the market, I completed my online application to start my account. My funding was the following:

NAESX - 38%
VFINX - 24%
VIMSX - 38%

Originally I had considered some REIT exposure, but the RE market of late seems to finally be correcting itself. A 3k minimum investment in a REIT index would have been larger than the 5% exposure I'd be comfortable with.

Anyway, as we all have seen, Friday showed another drop in the market, depressing my purchase cost of these funds even lower. I'm actually hoping that it takes another couple business days for my purchase to go through so that I can get a better sale price on my funds. I don't think the drops have finished yet, however, so I expect to be down for a bit. Maybe it'll help me offset some of the capital gains from my stock sell last week.


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