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Monday, October 02, 2006

Fidelity BrokerageLink in 401K

Got my welcome letter stating that my application for BrokerageLink is now processed. They gave me an account number and a little brochure explaining very vaguely how the program works.

What they don't tell me is which funds I can invest in and how much that will cost. A friend at work says I should be able to buy most of the Fidelity funds without a fee, but I want to find that somewhere in writing. I looked at the website, and there's a bit to it, so I'm gonna need more time to figure it out.

Anyway, now I have to decide which funds to buy! I think I'm gonna go the same as I did in my Roth and get one of those Freedom Funds that auto adjusts allocations for me. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed already with just handling the mutual funds in my after tax account.


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