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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Check Problems

Well, if you recall, I recently ordered new checks. Well, they came late last week, and as you might guess by the title, were not what I ordered.

Even though I very explicity stated what I wanted printed on my check, they were still wrong. They had the wrong names on them, and also the wrong address. However, they were at least mailed to the right location and were the color I wanted!

So, last night I called Wachovia back and told them of their error. They are going to print me up some new checks and mail them out next week. They assure me I won't be charged a second time as it was a printing error. If that works out, even though I've still paid too much for my checks, I end up with a few hundred extra that are valid, if not exactly what I wanted.

The only good news is that I need to update my vehicle registration, and the county likes proof of your new residence. I don't have any bills in my name here, so having my current address on my checks should satisfy their requirements.


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