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Friday, August 18, 2006

Revisiting Goals

It's very important to keep goals and track your progress. However, sometimes we forget to revisit and revise them.

In my case, I set a goal for a net worth I wished to achieve by the end of the year. Well, it looks like I'm about four months ahead of schedule. Rather than coast the rest of the way into the finish line, I'm gonna raise the bar some and see if I can make it.

While I'm at it, I am going to go ahead and update the entire list. So, here is my new set of goals for the remainder of 2006.

1. Create an encrypted backup of my financial data and put it in safety deposit box.
2. I'd like to get a simple will created.
3. Obtain duplicate copies of the last 5 years of tax returns.
4. I'd like to finish my MCSD to ensure better job security.
5. Explore at least one entreprenuerial idea with Chris.
6. Learn more about stock trading from my brother.
7. Talk to previous employers for letters of recommendation.


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