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Monday, July 03, 2006

Net Worth - June 2006

Okay, my apologies for not posting much lately. A lot of things have happened and I've been incredibly busy. I'll blog about them today to catch you all up. But, as June just ended, let's start this off with a new net worth update.

One important thing that happened this month is my Rollover IRA process was completed. Last month's net worth was based on the check cut from Fidelity from my former 401k. This month, however, the Rollover IRA value is based on the holdings in that account. I didn't get out at the best time of the 401k, but I did get lucky and buy when the market was close to the bottom. So I've already seen a 6.47% gain in that account.

Also, you'll notice my mutual fund holdings increased a bit this month. That included an additional investment as well as an accidental purchase. Those two investments are now above water, though they were down for a bit. The original purchase is still in the red, but I'm confident that it will go black in the coming months.

I've also had a nice gain on my brokerage accounts. This is almost entirely due to the purchase of Walgreens. I got in at $40.50 on 5/12/06. I didn't quite catch it at the 52-week low, but I came pretty close. As of Friday, I'm up 10.72%. I could sell now and lock in my gains, but I think I'm gonna ride this one a little longer. I see another 5% or so in the coming months.

My savings went down a little due to the additional mutual fund purchases. However, I was able to cover most of that purchase cost out of contracting money.

Overall, it was a solid month. July probably won't be quite as good, as I don't have a big contract invoice outstanding. However, the trend is clearly going in the right direction.


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