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Friday, June 09, 2006

Jewelry Shopping and Gas Cards

I've been looking for a ring to buy my GF, so I decided to hit a couple jewelry stores and see what I might find. I already had a ring in mind I'd seen online at The Shane Company, but figured I'd keep my options open.

The first store I went to had a pretty poor selection, most of it overpriced and gaudy. That wasn't surprising since it was in Atlantic Station. But I took their business card anyway, because I knew that another local store was running a cool promotion.

At the other store, the selection was a lot better, but I still couldn't find exactly what I wanted. However, this trip was not a waste, because their promotion was that they'd give you a free $10 gas card just for stopping buy. If you brought in a business card from another jeweler, they'd give you a second card. So, after I'd shopped for a few minutes, they handed over 2 $10 cards. Sweet.

I also learned another very important lesson on my trip. Jewerly stores haggle! When I told the sales person that I wasn't sure about the price, she said that they could knock it down about $50. I didn't know they'd do that. It was like trying to leave a car dealership.

So, looks like I'm probably gonna go with my original choice from the online store. But thanks to shopping around, now I'm gonna see if I can haggle my price down a little.


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