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Monday, February 12, 2007

Filing my taxes

I know this sounds kinda sad, but I've never done my own taxes. So, this year I decided I would pick up a copy of TurboTax and run through it. Since this was also the first time I've had capital gains due to stock as well as some dividends on my mutual funds, I figured I'd learn a lot.

I was impressed with how the wizard worked, although the organization confused me a little. I'm assuming the order is based on the way the forms work out. But entering my 1099 income many screens after the W2 kept worrying me. I was scared I'd forget to include something.

I found a sucky bug while I was entering my credit for paying state tax last year. The program kept going in a loop, decreasing my tax liability everytime it went through the loop. Luckily I found a post on the TurboTax support forums that told me how to remove the erroneous credits and got me out of the loop.

Anyway, I finished that up and went to e-file last night. And that's when I find out that TurboTax wants another $30 to e-file my federal and state taxes. Hello, didn't I just pay them $45 for the software?! And to top it off I have to mail the state tax payment myself. They won't direct debit.

I'm hoping TurboTax will tell me where to mail the check after it confirms that Georgia received my taxes. And then I can be done with my taxes earlier than I've ever had them done before. Woo!


  • Filing your taxes online is definitely a lot quicker and more convenient. I’m sorry that something went slightly wrong when you were doing it. I do hope that you were able to sort it out quickly. Are you planning on doing it online every year now since you discovered the website?

    By Anonymous Clemencia Summers, at 1/25/2013 3:50 PM  

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