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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My Income

Jonathan discusses a sensitive topic, even given the relative anonyminity we all believe we have on the internet, in his post, What's Our Income?

I think my income is probably hinted at a bit in my previous posts, but I suppose I've never really stated it directly. I wasn't opposed to posting it before, but as I mentioned in his blog, I recently discussed it with a coworker, which was probably a poor decision. The problem is that he makes the same as me, although he should make more based on his credentials.

So, I won't say what my salary is at my company, but I will say that I expect to pull down six figures, factoring in my contracting. If you recall from this post, I originally thought combined I'd pull down about 85k. But the contracting has really taken off in a way I never dreamed could happen.


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