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Monday, July 03, 2006

Credit Report and new VantageScore from Experian

So, I saw that the new VantageScore system was officially live in an article on I wasn't sure how long ago I'd last requested my free credit reports, so I figured I'd try for both at once.

I went to this site to request my free reports. Turns out I've already used up my Equifax one in the last 12 months, but Experian was available. I went ahead and checked it out. Seems like my first mortgage has shown up as paid off, but the HELOC hasn't cleared yet. Overall, my report looked great.

While I was there I saw the promo link to see my new VantageScore for $5.95. I decided to get it and see how I stack up. The last time I pulled my FICO was just before I requested my free BT money. Turns out it's had a hit. My FICO was around 780-790, which is pretty respectable. However, my VantageScore is only 749, which is a grade of "C". I'm in the 50% percentile ranking, whereas I used to be MUCH higher.

Here are the reasons they suggested:
-The sum of balances on your credit card accounts is too high. I only carry the BT money as a balance. I pay everything else in full monthly
-The average loan amount across open, recently reported real estate accounts, such as a mortgage, is too low. No clue what that means. Are they saying I don't have enough mortgage debt?
-The balance amount paid down across your open real estate accounts, such as a mortgage, is too low. We had an interest-only loan on the house, but as stated above, the HELOC should show up as paid in another month or so.
-Your report shows that the available credit across your open, recently reported revolving accounts, such as a credit card, is too low. Well, my BT card is at 71.7% utilization. My overall utilization is 27.2%. Seems like they feel that's too high. At any rate, it'll be gone next April.
-Your report shows one or more inquiries on file. There are four inquiries on my account. One is for the apartment I just moved into. One is for a credit card I opened with Schwabb last year. The final two will drop off in November and December.

So, for those of you playing the BT free money game like me, it seems the new scoring system is a lot less forgiving. I think I'll hold off doing any more for now and see how my score changes after the HELOC disappears and the inquiries drop off.


  • I was thinking about opening one of those Citi cards to get the $100 gift card.. seems like under the new system I'd get a bigger hit. Hmm.

    By Blogger Kira, at 7/04/2006 10:53 PM  

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