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Friday, September 16, 2005

Stupid Transfers and CC Promotions

So my HSBC account and my ED accounts both were finally set up this week. I decided to go ahead and transfer $800 to HSBC after calling customer service to link my Wachovia account to it. It went through fairly quicky, but for some reason Wachovia charged me a $2 service fee.

I tried to link ING to HSBC but HSBC won't allow it. So I transferred the balance of my ING account to my Wachovia so I could then move it to HSBC. I knew I'd have to fight to get the $2 fee waived, but I needed to get the money in HSBC.

Well, turns out I think you can link HSBC to ING, and then transfer from ING to HSBC. So, I am now moving my money back to ING from Wachovia. Yah, I know it's a long round trip of stupidity on my part, but it'll be easier once it's set up than dealing with yet another account to do the ACH and I don't want to pay service fees everytime I deposit money.

In other news, I applied over the phone for that Chase Cash Plus rewards card since they were running a $100 promo. The customer service rep said I'd hear back via mail within the next 30 days. Wow, that's a long time. I'm not sure why they couldn't give me an instant approval.


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