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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Still Chugging Along

Just read on MyMoneyBlog that HSBC has passed ED on rates. Since I don’t have any money in ED just yet, I might go ahead and signup for an HSBC account also. This will give me some good options for moving money based on the best rate and also allow me to separate my money as needed. Not everyone has this obsessive need to keep money earmarked for different budget items separate, but I very much do.

I also tried to go ahead and sign up for the Citi Dividends card today that everyone has been raving about. Since I’m already a Citi card holder, they have an option to bypass some of the application process. But, as usual, their page hates me and failed everytime I tried. I think the main problem is that all their data is really stored with the site, which coincidentally backs the data for my AT&T Universal card. End result is that those two sites really give me a hard time.

In other news, I have been neglecting work on my side project. This is bad because 1) it is unprofessional and lazy, and 2) I can’t get paid until I finish.

I’ve also done terrible with my food budget lately. I’ve ordered out every night for the last 5 days, at a cost of about $13 a pop. This is killing my budget right now, and I was already behind this period anyway due to the $125 cost of my cert test and various other things.


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