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Sunday, September 04, 2005

HSBC Bandwagon

Okay, decided to go ahead and open up an HSBC account since I've heard it can take up to two weeks for Emigrant to actually mail the materials to finish setting up accounts. If i'm gonna be waiting, I might as well kill two waiting periods at the same time.

Once they are both set up, I can decide how to split money appropriately. Plus, this will give me three choices of high interest savings accounts to utilize - ING, ED, and HSBC. And best of all, they are all competing to offer me the best rates!

I noticed they had the same phone number requirements that GMAC did. Apparently, this is going to be a recurring issue for me. I can't use my cell because they require a land line. I can't use my parents' number because they live in a different city. So the best I can do is use the house line which is in my friend's name and can't be reverse looked-up to me. Nor can it be answered, as I don't even own a normal phone. It's only purpose is to facilitate DSL.

It should also be noted that I move a LOT. About once a year for the last 9 years. So the "previous address" question is always tricky for me. My driver's license still has my parents' address listed on it, even though I haven't lived there since I was 18! But I move so often that it's just not worth the $15 to get a new one once a year. Besides, I still receive mail at that address periodically.

I also tried using a promo code I saw on Fatwallet. I am not so confident it went through, but it never hurts to try!


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