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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

401k, Banking, and Money Due

Read a little more about 401ks over the weekend and found out that my employer matching didn't count towards the 14k contribution limit per year. However, even with that matching, I'm still not too close to the cap. I considered bumping up my percentage to get me to the limit, but quickly realized it'd hurt my budget pretty badly, so opted to just go from 10% to 15%. Hopefully I can pull off a raise in the next 6 months and go up the rest of the way. But for now, the 15% is gonna make my budget a lot tighter than it was before.

I still haven't gotten the final information from ED, or HSBC for that matter, but I'm hoping to hear from them by next week. Although, I think you have to keep your money in ING till the 15th to get the interest, so it's probably not so bad that I'm still waiting to open those other accounts.

Also talked to my "boss" on my side project and found out that I can send an invoice if I'm ready. I think I have about 40 billable hours right now, so an invoice would be a decent amount. However, I'm behind where I should be, and I want to focus on getting more done and not just the bottom line. And I'm not even sure what I wanna do with the money yet anyway. So, I'm gonna hold off on billing.

On the plate for today is to start making phone calls to find out about my vacation so I can budget for it.


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